Julien Stalder

Photography | Landscapes

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Born in la Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 22.07.1989.

In 2009, passionate about photography, he acquired his first camera.

Few years later, he had an active period in the live photography field. He obtained accreditations for various music festivals in Switzerland. With a self-taught training in film developing, he enjoys from time to time working with an analog Hasselblad medium format camera. Over the past years he has explored news topics such as street photography and individual portrait. However, he started to perceive photography differently, in a simpler way.

In 2016, he leaves his reflex camera and imposing zoom lenses for a telemetric Leica and some fixed focal lenses.

Landscape photography stays his favorite subject. He photographs the beauty of lake and mountain, in color or monochrome, by day or by night. Looking for new landscapes, new points of view but also new challenges: mountain is a passion that he lives through photography but also through sport, hiking, mountaineering and skiing.

For these reasons, he dedicates his website to landscape photography, but you can follow his others projects on Facebook and Flickr.

Interested by my work ? You can send me a email to: julienstalder@gmail.com